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1 LP | Limitiert auf 300 Stück | 13 Tracks

A Dive Into The Subconscious is yet another great release from Rethymno’s best coffee sipping beat maker. An album maybe best enjoyed with your eyes closed, on a chaise longue. Welcome to the colourful depths of Drips Zacheer’s mind, home to a multitude of richly diverse sounds living off the nutrient rich psycho-hydro-thermal rhythms. 

It starts aptly with Cosmic Lullaby, considering Drips Zacheer’s previous spaced out projects, this marks the transition to the polymorphic, slippery sound of A Dive Into The Subconscious. We drift off, only to be awakened into dream. It’s still all about space ”Countless worlds, numberless moments, an immensity of space and time”, now focused on the deceptive difference between inner and outer. In Bioluminescence, we hear the stirrings of Sun Ra and The Deep’s gelatinous offspring before basking on Cretan sun soaked Azure. Barca Longa is the sound of ice clouding alcoholic aniseed by the Mediterranean Sea. On Fuxter Roy Ayers’ illuminations dance with J Dilla’s shadow. By Bluebirds Song we’re fully lucid. If this is what Drips Zacheer made from the introspection of 2020, I want some of what he's smoking. The vocal samples are inspired and inspiring, and even when the conditions are cramped, in the dim and the damp, the mind is alight like a filament lamp. After the end; Dream Walks, dream talks, dream eats with a knife and fork. 

The kaleidoscopic master by digitaluc and psychedelic artwork by Rahel Süßkind fit Drips Zacheer’s beats like legs and arms on a brain.


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