Slice Of Paradise (Pre-Order)
Figub Brazlevič & Klaus Layer


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Slice Of Paradise (Pre-Order)
Figub Brazlevič & Klaus Layer

Release Date


Double Vinyl

22 Tracks

Preorder // Release & Shipping Date: 14.06

We are proud to present our very first independent release on ear-sight! Klaus Layer & Figub Brazlevic have created a master piece. A beautiful amalgamation of their unique styles pressed on a truly international vibesing double vinyl.

Features: Reverie, Ace Tee, Kwam E und Teknical Development.IS

The Artwork for the Cover was also a joint effort between the Spanish Artist Madeline Chilici & Benne Basquiat (Krekpek)


Klaus Layer“We wanted to combine our super powers in “Slice of Paradise” like in Captain Planet. The album is our joint vision of a voyage, facilitated by music – the Fusion of Dopeness.”

Figub Brazlevic can count himself as one of the defining figures in the german boombap scene. As a producer he has worked with artists such as Dynasty, Chefket, SSIO und Sylabill Spill and is the cofounder of the Record Label Krekpek Records and the monthly Berlin Event: East-West Sessions.

Klaus Layer aka Captain Crook has made a name for himself by producing sample based east coast sound. He has worked together with Artists such as Artifacts und Blu.

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